Pimp yo' engraved ride. Yup, you can now build your own engraved custom longboard. As we've developed our longboard craftmanship over the past few years, our engraved graphics have become a staple of quality and innovation. Our laser engraving process is like none other in the custom longboard market. Pixel by Pixel, your design is etched out of the wood, creating a beautiful, unique look and an uber permanent graphic that you can actually feel the texture of. These custom longboards tend to find themselves hanging on walls as peices of art just as often as they roll on the street... A whole lotta love goes into each and every one of these custom longboards.

Building your board is easy to do... choose your deck, trucks, wheels, bearings, griptape and graphic (or upload your own image) and you're on your way to sporting a one-of-a-kind custom longboard. If you choose to upload your own graphic to be engraved, someone will work directly with you, creating mock ups and discussing your custom longboard with you until we get it just right. Engraved designs are made as they are ordered so please note the current shop turn around time to create your custom longboard before ordering. Shoot us an email at info@loseelongboards with any questions about building your custom engraved board. Enjoy the ride!

Current Shop Turn Around:
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build your custom board...

Step 1: Choose Your Deck

Step 2: Engraved Graphic

Step 3: Trucks

Step 4: Wheels

Step 5: Bearings

Step 6: Grip

Step 7: Instructions

Step 8: Info

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Upload your own graphic: Things to remember

Image Format

Your image or graphic must be in the form of a JPG, GIF, or PNG. No other file formats are supported.

High Res

Make sure you submit a large, a high-quality file (preferably 300 dpi) to avoid pixilation when we size it to scale on your board- the larger, the better.

Black & White

Pick something that you can picture fitting and working well on the bottom of a skateboard (think about the dimensions and truck placements of the deck you chose). A 4:1 ratio graphic will fit the length of the deck.


Although we can engrave gray scales (like B&W photos), the more contrasted your graphic is, the better. A highly contrasted graphic will allow you to really feel the texture of the engraving on the deck and tends to look a bit sharper.

Guide Us

Make sure to leave a description with info like: how you want your graphic positioned on the board, how large you want it to be, if you would like it cropped, or whether or not you want it to bleed off the edge. This will help speed up the mock up/approval process.

Mock Up

After you submit your custom request, we will create and email you a mock up within 2 business days. Once you give us the thumbs up, we'll send you an invoice. Upon payment, we'll get to work on your custom board and will ship it out according to our current shop turnaround time.


If you need assistance or advice with choosing, creating, or uploading your image/graphic, feel free to email info@loseelongboards.com and we'll help you out.